Sung by Seihara Major / In The Contest

Song written by me! Pop/ RnB feel. Enjoy! #voteforme

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Beautiful Person, Original Song

Sung by Gary Beckwith / In The Contest

This is a simple song I wrote while I was walking down the sidewalk thinking about a person I love. A lot of my songs come to ...

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Forgive Me

Sung by Jeff Prewitt / Past Entry

Hey everyone! Heres an original I wrote goin through some hard times called Forgive Me. Hope you enjoy!

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The Storm

Sung by Jeremiah Mixon / Atlanta, Georgia / Past Entry

This is an original song that I have written that was inspired by the band, "Mumford Sons"

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Sung by Lindsay Sowersby / Past Entry

I wrote this song for my boyfriend when we went off to college so that he would know how I feel. Kinda messy and the quality is...

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Wasted Days

Sung by Symphonie Dill / Texas / Past Entry

This song is to anyone who has realize they wasted time whether that was with a loved one for the long term or for the short te...

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The Ghost of many lies

Sung by Ian wright / Burnley / Past Entry

This song is about someone whos past away but they are still with you in your dreams, or are they just ghosts of many lies, tha...

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Mark & Jonah Perform

Sung by Mark Horton / Past Entry

Mark Horton's original song "She's Leaving"

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Don't Give Up On Me

Sung by Hannah Jo Hansen / Past Entry

Please don't, don't give up on me. As bad as it gets we'll figure it out it's not as hard as it seems. So don't, don't give up ...

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Good Girls

Sung by Sarah Lynn / Long Island, NY / Past Entry

One of my original songs - I hope you all like:)

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Get Out

Sung by Hannah Jo Hansen / Past Entry

Original Song by Hannah Jo Hansen

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Jonatan Krogh - Branches

Sung by Jonatan Krogh / Past Entry

One of the first songs I wrote, "Branches", performed at Larry's Corner in Stockholm. Follow me on Youtube to see more of my mu...

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Just A Cheater

Sung by Hannah Jo Hansen / Past Entry

Guitar and Voice, one take

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Sung by Hannah Paine / Past Entry

This song is basically about how most people never mean what they say anymore and it is hurtful.

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I don't want to love again

Sung by Ian wright / Burnley / Past Entry

A song I rote about not wanting to love again after loosing someone 🎸🎢🎡

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My baby says

Sung by Ian wright / Burnley / Past Entry

Just a quick song I rote for a bit off fun hope you like it πŸŽΈπŸŽΆπŸ˜€

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"There will always be her "

Sung by Julie Hall / Past Entry

A song about she who he will never forget

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The sweetest girl

Sung by Ian wright / Burnley / Past Entry

A song about a girl I new at school

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Salvador (Dali)

Sung by Garrett Zane / Piedmont / Past Entry

My tribute to Salvador Dali.

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Cheap Jeans

Sung by Sophie Heard / Essex / Past Entry

An original song written by me filmed in Greenwich park.

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