Past Winners Who will be next?

Dearest Sister-Hayleigh Cynthia

Dearest Sister-Ha..., 1st Place

May 2017 / 46 Votes

I never see nothing through

I never see nothi...

Ian wright, 2nd Place

May 2017 / 32 Votes



Lydia Larae Schenk, 3rd Place

May 2017 / 21 Votes



Carter James, 1st Place

April 2017 / 61 Votes

For the forest to be green

For the forest to...

Ian wright, 2nd Place

April 2017 / 30 Votes

Some day some where

Some day some where

Yuri, 3rd Place

April 2017 / 6 Votes



Seihara Major, 1st Place

March 2017 / 47 Votes

Beautiful Person, Original Song

Beautiful Person,...

Gary Beckwith, 2nd Place

March 2017 / 36 Votes

Wasted Days

Wasted Days

Symphonie Dill, 1st Place

February 2017 / 28 Votes



Lindsay Sowersby, 2nd Place

February 2017 / 19 Votes

Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Jeff Prewitt , 3rd Place

February 2017 / 19 Votes

Just A Cheater

Just A Cheater

Hannah Jo Hansen , 1st Place

January 2017 / 25 Votes

I don't want to love again

I don't want to l...

Ian wright, 2nd Place

January 2017 / 24 Votes



Hannah Paine, 3rd Place

January 2017 / 12 Votes

"There will always be her "

"There will alway...

Julie Hall, 1st Place

December 2016 / 41 Votes

My baby says

My baby says

Ian wright, 2nd Place

December 2016 / 27 Votes

Leonard Herron - Amazing

Leonard Herron - ...

Leonard Herron, 1st Place

October 2016 / 26 Votes

What are you wanting

What are you want...

Ian wright, 2nd Place

October 2016 / 14 Votes

Prove Them Wrong

Prove Them Wrong

Amanda Eriksen, 3rd Place

October 2016 / 13 Votes

What We Do

What We Do

Kez Solís, 1st Place

September 2016 / 55 Votes

One of these days

One of these days

Ian wright, 2nd Place

September 2016 / 43 Votes

Human Too

Human Too

Gamalier Padilla, 3rd Place

September 2016 / 27 Votes

We used to be

We used to be

Emmanuelle Frowner , 1st Place

August 2016 / 412 Votes

Bjr Original ( Baby Girl)

Bjr Original ( Ba...

Bobby Carrier Jr, 2nd Place

August 2016 / 398 Votes

Unfold me

Unfold me

Jonatan Krogh, 3rd Place

August 2016 / 325 Votes

"Be The Best You"- Jordo Ingle

"Be The Best You"...

Jordo Ingle, 1st Place

July 2016 / 370 Votes

I'll never (Original Song)

I'll never (Origi...

Andriana Pavlidou, 2nd Place

July 2016 / 367 Votes

Song For Jackie

Song For Jackie, 3rd Place

July 2016 / 309 Votes



Jordo Ingle, 1st Place

May 2016 / 401 Votes



Jordo Ingle, 2nd Place

May 2016 / 401 Votes

Shout Out

Shout Out

Rachelle and Brittany Davies, 3rd Place

May 2016 / 398 Votes

You cant come back  sung and Written by Ellise

You cant come bac...

Ellise Kibel, 1st Place

April 2016 / 418 Votes

Sophie Heard - Cheap Jeans

Sophie Heard - Ch...

Sophie Heard, 2nd Place

April 2016 / 277 Votes

Soon (Robin's Song)

Soon (Robin's Song)

Garrett Zane, 3rd Place

April 2016 / 259 Votes

yours ukelele

yours ukelele

Whitney Sager , 1st Place

March 2016 / 253 Votes

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Rachelle and Brittany Davies, 2nd Place

March 2016 / 187 Votes

Feeling crazy

Feeling crazy

Ellise Kibel, 3rd Place

March 2016 / 181 Votes

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

G Smooth, 1st Place

February 2016 / 210 Votes

Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley (cover)

Love Me Tender - ...

Rissa , 2nd Place

February 2016 / 168 Votes

Temptation by (Tom Waits)

Temptation by (To...

James (HotButteredSoulman) Idley Jr., 3rd Place

February 2016 / 164 Votes

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri Cover sung by Ellise

Jar of Hearts by ...

Ellise Kibel, 1st Place

January 2016 / 154 Votes

AKGR yang gonna be Alright (own song)

AKGR yang gonna b...

AKGRY , 2nd Place

January 2016 / 143 Votes

Blackbird- Nina Simone

Blackbird- Nina S...

Glenisha Ray, 3rd Place

January 2016 / 142 Votes

Unchained Melody cover

Unchained Melody ...

Nancy Lynam, 1st Place

December 2015 / 148 Votes

Improv to Disaster - Original Song

Improv to Disaste...

Abbie Sea, 3rd Place

December 2015 / 137 Votes

Adele- Hello (Amanda Leigh Cross Cover)

Adele- Hello (Ama...

Amanda Leigh Music, 1st Place

November 2015 / 153 Votes

Rebecca Barton covering BANKS, 'Someone New'

Rebecca Barton co...

Rebecca Carolyn Barton, 2nd Place

November 2015 / 143 Votes

Cannonball (Little Mix Acapella Cover)

Cannonball (Littl..., 3rd Place

November 2015 / 139 Votes

Dessert by dawin ( marksanjose cover )

Dessert by dawin ...

Christian Mark San jose, 1st Place

October 2015 / 267 Votes

hit the lights by Selena Gomez

hit the lights by...

alexandra carbone, 2nd Place

October 2015 / 261 Votes

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