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Seihara Major / Uploaded 17 days ago

Song written by me! Pop/ RnB feel. Enjoy! #voteforme

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183 Plays / 2 Comments / 39 Votes

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Seihara Major

Song written by me! Pop/ RnB feel. Enjoy! #voteforme

Uploaded 17 days ago / 183 Plays / 39 Votes

Beautiful Person, Original Song

Beautiful Person, Original Song

Gary Beckwith

This is a simple song I wrote while I was walking down the sidewalk thinking about a person I love. A lot of my songs come to me while I'm walking. I think it's the beat of my...

Uploaded 19 days ago / 75 Plays / 28 Votes

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Seihara Major / 183 Plays / 32 Likes

Uploaded 18 days ago

Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Jeff Prewitt / 500 Plays / 67 Likes

Uploaded about 1 month ago

Mark & Jonah Perform

Mark & Jonah Perform

Mark Horton / 165 Plays / 80 Likes

Uploaded about 2 months ago

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Wasted Days

Symphonie Dill 1st Place Winner

This song is to anyone who has realize they wasted time whether that was with a loved one for the long term or for the short term . My husband is deployed and everyday I wish I ...

Uploaded about 2 months ago / 752 Plays / 28 Votes


Lindsay Sowersby 2nd Place Winner

I wrote this song for my boyfriend when we went off to college so that he would know how I feel. Kinda messy and the quality isn't good but I think it's a great song.

Uploaded about 2 months ago / 260 Plays / 19 Votes

Forgive Me

Jeff Prewitt 3rd Place Winner

Hey everyone! Heres an original I wrote goin through some hard times called Forgive Me. Hope you enjoy!

Uploaded about 1 month ago / 500 Plays / 19 Votes