1st Place Live Performance on Singist

The person with the most votes at the end of the month will win 1st place in the competition. Grow your popularity with sharing your original songs.

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2nd Place Live Performance on Singist

Second place also gets to share their talents live. We are all about singing original music in the competition and supporting artists who put their heart and sole into their songs.

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3rd Place Live Performance on Singist

Last, but definitely not least is third place. Phones are a great way to record yourself singing and post to the contest. Just remember to turn your camera sideways when filming for the competition.

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Please say you'll stay

Ian wright / Burnley / Uploaded about 1 month ago

Just a little song I rote on my new guitar I hope you like it and thanks for listening

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2 Comments / 14 Votes

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James Detella 203 Likes

Uploaded 10 months ago

Repay Your Love

Repay Your Love

Rickie Singerman 196 Likes

Uploaded 10 months ago



Rebekah 237 Likes

Uploaded 11 months ago

Last Month Winners (view all)

Repay Your Love

Rickie Singerman 1st Place Winner

This is an original written by Rickie Singerman. It was written for my grandfather who is currently battling with lung cancer. I hope you all enjoy it!

Uploaded 10 months ago / 31 Votes


James Detella 2nd Place Winner

This song was writen by me, and performed by me. make sure you check out my soundcloud as well I have more recent songs avalible there. https://soundcloud.com/james-de-tella

Uploaded 10 months ago / 3 Votes

Dearest Sister-Hayleigh Cynthia

hayleighkern@icloud.com 1st Place Winner

Dedicated to my youngest sister, and father.

Uploaded about 1 year ago / 46 Votes