Sung by James Detella / Past Entry

This song was writen by me, and performed by me. make sure you check out my soundcloud as well I have more recent songs avalibl...

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Repay Your Love

Sung by Rickie Singerman / Past Entry

This is an original written by Rickie Singerman. It was written for my grandfather who is currently battling with lung cancer. ...

Uploaded about 2 months ago / 31 Votes


Sung by Rebekah / Past Entry

I hope that for those who hear this song, they reflect on how amazing the world really is and how we all must just stop and tak...

Uploaded 3 months ago / 10 Votes

My baby

Sung by Ian wright / Burnley / Past Entry

A song I rote for my wife who sadly passed away hope you like it and thank you for listening

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Wayne Snow-Seed

Sung by Wayne Snow / Past Entry

A original song by Wayne Snow titled "Seed"

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Stubborn- Jordo Ingle

Sung by Jordo Ingle / Past Entry

I know I posted this before but some of you were saying for me to record it again with more power in my voice. Hope you guys li...

Uploaded 5 months ago / 8 Votes

Dearest Sister-Hayleigh Cynthia

Sung by / Fisk,Missouri / Past Entry

Dedicated to my youngest sister, and father.

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Sung by Lydia Larae Schenk / Past Entry

A song about fulfilling what you desire most without regard every and anything that stands in your way regardless of how alone ...

Uploaded 5 months ago / 21 Votes

I never see nothing through

Sung by Ian wright / Burnley / Past Entry

A little song I rote for a bit of fun, hope it brings a smile to people

Uploaded 6 months ago / 32 Votes

Some day some where

Sung by Yuri / Past Entry

I want to become famous and I hope this is a good start

Uploaded 6 months ago / 6 Votes

For the forest to be green

Sung by Ian wright / Burnley / Past Entry

A song about the state the world is in today, we all have the chance to change it in our own little way, hope you like it, just...

Uploaded 7 months ago / 30 Votes


Sung by Carter James / Boston / Past Entry

This is an original song I wrote called "Drown". I hope you enjoy!

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Sung by Seihara Major / Past Entry

Song written by me! Pop/ RnB feel. Enjoy! #voteforme

Uploaded 7 months ago / 47 Votes

Beautiful Person, Original Song

Sung by Gary Beckwith / Past Entry

This is a simple song I wrote while I was walking down the sidewalk thinking about a person I love. A lot of my songs come to ...

Uploaded 7 months ago / 36 Votes

Forgive Me

Sung by Jeff Prewitt / Past Entry

Hey everyone! Heres an original I wrote goin through some hard times called Forgive Me. Hope you enjoy!

Uploaded 8 months ago / 19 Votes

The Storm

Sung by Jeremiah Mixon / Atlanta, Georgia / Past Entry

This is an original song that I have written that was inspired by the band, "Mumford Sons"

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Sung by Lindsay Sowersby / Past Entry

I wrote this song for my boyfriend when we went off to college so that he would know how I feel. Kinda messy and the quality is...

Uploaded 8 months ago / 19 Votes

Wasted Days

Sung by Symphonie Dill / Texas / Past Entry

This song is to anyone who has realize they wasted time whether that was with a loved one for the long term or for the short te...

Uploaded 9 months ago / 28 Votes

The Ghost of many lies

Sung by Ian wright / Burnley / Past Entry

This song is about someone whos past away but they are still with you in your dreams, or are they just ghosts of many lies, tha...

Uploaded 9 months ago / 14 Votes

Mark & Jonah Perform

Sung by Mark Horton / Past Entry

Mark Horton's original song "She's Leaving"

Uploaded 9 months ago / 12 Votes